My Kitchen Disaster

For as long as I can remember, on the days my mom goes to work, she wakes up at 6 AM to be at work at the hospital at 7 AM. She gets off around 7 PM, and is usually home by 7:45, maybe 8 if there is some traffic and she has to drive around looking for parking. At the time it was myself, and my two younger sisters, so on these long days of us usually spending the majority of it by ourselves, I was the one in charge of making sure that no one burned the house down (including myself) and everybody was taken care of and fed. This week my mom was going to be working almost every day, so she wanted to cook and have enough food stocked up for the days ahead so she wouldn’t have to cook as much. She called the house around noon, asking my sister or myself to take the goat meat out of the freezer so that it was thoroughly defrosted by the time she got home that night, and I made sure I did is so that I could tell her I did when she got home.

The moment my mom got home that night, she made her way to the kitchen to begin cooking so she could get to bed. I helped her boil the large pot of water, chop of the goat meat, stalk fish, cray fish, and spinach. I also enjoyed throwing in and mixing the pot while observing how everything blended into one. This type of egusi soup she was making wasn’t going to be one of her best ones, and I knew that already based on the fact that she was starting it at like 8:15 PM, but it would still taste good nonetheless.

About half an hour went by and the whole thing had cooked down, she was going to now bring the heat back up and add in a few more things, I was to keep and eye on the pot and stir as needed while she was in the shower. I instead kept both eyes on the tv, 5 minutes had passed and I noticed the smell had gotten stronger. I must have thought that it was just cooking well and everything was coming together. Within 15 minutes, I look towards to kitchen and notice a white smoke billowing out of the pot. Within in seconds I knew I messed up. As I jumped up and ran to the kitchen, I heard the water upstairs in my mothers shower turn off and heard my sister laughing in the back. “How is looking David?” my mom yelled, “he burned it!” was my sisters response. Before I knew it, my mom was in the kitchen and I thought that was the end of my existence. She surprisingly didn’t make a deal abut it. She was so tired done with the whole situation that she decided to just give my sisters and I some money to buy lunch the next few days and on her next day off, we all spent the day cooking some of our favorite dishes.


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