Chopped Challenge

Clam juice, condensed milk, and pickles. All I could really do was laugh when I pulled the last slip of paper from the bag and it said “pickles” on it, just my luck. I hate pickles, have only had condensed milk a handful of times, probably wasn’t even using it the right way, and I didn’t even know clam juice was a thing. I immediately began to rack my brain on possible ideas in the kitchen which would equally represent each of the ingredients. Some sort of a cocktail seemed to be the most feasible thing, so I went with that.

I searched “clam juice cocktails” and to my surprise, the return search yielded thousands of recipes. I went with one of the top ones, “Acapulco Clam Digger”, a cocktail. The recipe called for Tequila, Tomato juice, clam juice, horeseradish, fresh lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, and tabasco sauce. I substituted the horesradish with condensed milk, and I did not add the Worcestshire sauce because of consistency issues.

This was probably my 4th time ever making a drink, not to speak of a cocktail with condensed milk. I took all of the ingredients and mixed them together in a giant bowl. I stirred enough to get a nice spin going, which carried gusts of the fresh lemon juice as if it had just been squeezed from the tree, the clam juice gave it an ocean-like smell. I lined the rim of the glass with condensed milk and dropped half a pickle in it. Didn’t turn out as bad as I initially anticipated.


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