State of Food

There are obvious issues wth our food system, many of them were touched upon in the documentaries Food Inc. and The Meatrix. I believe that in order for there to a change which will benefit the world, the order has to come from people wth power. Leaders from organizations that are responsible for regulating our food maintenance and distribution hold the most power.

I feel there is an issue with transparency in information between regulators and consumers.We as consumers place almost to much trust in the companies that have the most power in what we eat. When we watched Food Inc., it amazed me how much corn is apart of the animals diet. Many people don’t realize that with meat they’re consuming being primarily corn-fed, they are significantly higher in fat content. We consume that same fat and don’t realize it. I believe although there is an issue with information being presented to us as consumers, that information is still out there. We do owe it to ourselves to do research and read labels so we’re a little more aware of the origins of our food.

To hear that leading cause of obesity in our nation is due to sugar consumption, and then learn why that is the case, is eye-opening. Companies decide to dump massive amounts of sugar into their products to make them more enjoyable, but those amounts of sugar do nothing but kill any trace of vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be present.This is where, for me, a level of frustration grows.

That frustration stems from false information being provided on many labels as well as the complacency of consumers. It can be hard to change up ones whole diet, but when you allow yourself access to certain information and are willing to stand up to major food corporations, it not only benefits your health but makes you more aware.


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